NPACE 2000's logo is inspired by the St Louis Arch as a

          crossroads of generationsOUR MISSION…


P r o g r a m s   f o r   A u t o n o m y   &   C o m m u n i c a t i o n   f o r   t h e   E l d e r l y

P r o g r a m m e   p o u r   l’A u t o n o m i e   &   l a   C o m m u n i c a t i o n   d e s   A î n é s





The mandate of the PACE 2000 International Foundation is promote communication and exchanges between young people and seniors through new technologies in a mutually enriching environment.



WHY do we exist ?

Isolation has become a major problem in our highly industrialized. Young people and the elderly are particularly affected by this phenomenon, increasingly living in strata separated from one other. However, over the past decade, research has demonstrated how strong the link is between isolation and increased morbidity and mortality rates. PACE 2000 positions itself in the face of this often minimized problem and responds with new technologies.


Experts in the field of intergenerational studies have observed that young and old seniors have additional needs; so when they are immersed in a favorable context where they can have regular contacts, they develop  des liens d’aide très forts. PACE 2000 provides solutions and innovative ways to meet these needs.


PACE 2000 continues and will continue to encourage new ways of communication between elders and young people. Its programs aim all to create opportunities for these two generations can share knowledge, experiences and support each other.


They have thus a direct impact on young people and elders. They provide the former with social support, mentoring and promote their professional integration. Furthermore, they contribute to keeping seniors at home, strengthening their feeling of social usefulness and finally offer them the ability to manage their health issues directly from their home.

Behind the scenes…


the arch of the PACE 2000 logo refers to the arch of Saint-Louis. It symbolizes the images of a young and of an elder who are reflected, each face-to-face to a end of the arch.  This image represents the crossroads between generations. By elsewhere, Saint-Louis is the city where the concept intergenerational was born following an idea launched for the first time by Mr and Mrs J & G. Linneman, owners  du St. Louis Mari de Villa, retirerment village.


There PACE 2000 International Foundation is a non-profit organization lucrative. It was incorporated on July 7, 1992, and registered as a Canadian charity on January 1 1993.


In broader perspective, PACE 2000 has been working for more than ten years developing exchanges between generations, the emergence of an integrated community, which has an impact directly on the health of its members. By providing since 1996 a real-time link via videoconference to seniors living in their homes or in residences, PACE 2000 has developed real expertise and real know-how. This network virtual and intergenerational has become«  le Intergenerational Virtual Village;» (I.V.V.), a network adapted from Telecommunications Inter-generations at home.


By elsewhere, PACE 2000 is planning the implementation of a solution integrated: the construction of the Residential Village Intergenerational. This village is designed to offer housing adapted to the needs of seniors and at an affordable price for students. It will also have a center for coordination that will provide services for and between the two generations.


The Intergenerational Virtual Village was developed to become an intergenerational network full-time operational and providing programs educational weeklies, récréationnel, linguistic, educational, intercultural and télé-santé. Our partners who joined the VVI at its very beginnings are: The Center d’accueil Champlain (CAC), the Center de health Perley and Rideau for Veterans(Perley), THE Catholic Center for Immigrants, seniors living at 1690, Walkley road,River Daycare Parkway and Secondary SchoolAlmonte District in the region of Ottawa. Many other centers have joined us such as the Toronto Centennial College, the Pauline-Charron Center, Positive Health Institute for Seniorsinc. in Ottawa, le CHU (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire), la ville de Grenoble en France, etc.


 Ww bring solutions for…



-       The isolation of seniors and the associated loss of autonomy and premature death ;

-       La diminution du sentiment de contribution communautaire chez les aînés ;

-       The cost growing health care and more particularly the cost of long-term care at home and in institutions ;

-       The demographic explosion of seniors with the inversion of the pyramid of ages that will result in the years to come;

-       The growing distress of some young people and the problems associated social and medical ;

-        There growing likelihood of funding conflicts between these two at-risk populations – youth and seniors -.


 WHY  la videoconferencing ?

Videoconferening (VC)… :


Ø allows of overcome the usual barriers to communication interpersonal ;

o  Barrières géographiques et culturelles, mauvais temps, contraintes temporelles…


Ø fight against social isolation by allowing the development of relationships social in a healthy environment ;


Ø remove The social and medical barriers ;

o  The participants are all on an equal footing, whether they have or not handicaps, because their image and the exchange established are at the heart of VC sessions and not their limitation.


Ø Decrease the costs borne by the community and society as a whole together

o  The social programs reach a larger population; long term care prevention

o  A new long-term care follow-up that is economical


Ø Provides new ways of delivering related services for seniors from their home


Ø is a tool to promote intergenerational relations car :

o  VC is an   ice breaker and provides secure privacy for interpersonal bonding ;

o  VC fosters relationships where participants can be complementary to each other.




A note on….
The PACE 2000 Intergenerational Virtual Village


The mission of PACE 2000 is to provide and promote intergenerational programs.


Our video conferencing technology personalized has no other purpose than to serve as a medium for facilitate these programs and communication between generations.



These programs allow us to provide connection to custom homes through which the community engages effectively in the emergence and development of new modes of intergenerational communication. We are thereby at heart of the PACE 2000 mission!