International Foundation PACE 2000 News Advisory

Press Release

PACE 2000 is pleased to announce the launch of PACE-2-Face™, innovative face-to-face tele-mentoring program between a youth and a senior. This new and adapted videoconference program (patent INPI # 03117420000) is very easy-to-use. It connect a senior from it center, club or own home with a youth from it school, university or leisure center on pre-defined activities they can share together while keeping eye contact.

PACE-2-Face™ allows youth and students new opportunities to learn. At the same time, this program allows seniors, even if they are isolated or handicapped, to actively contribute to the community by supporting youth students in their personal and educational growth.

This innovative program uses a document sharing application and an adapted videoconference system that can be used by anyone, even beginners or handicapped.

During their face-to-face tele-mentoring session, users keep eye and hearing contact while working together in a same document or surf on internet. This last feature doesn’t exist in traditional face-to-face mentoring.

One program proposed by PACE 2000 is to practice a second language. By using 4 types of simultaneous communication (reading, writing, oral, visible expression), students are offered an efficient method for training and an original way of motivation to maintain their linguistic level and discover it culture thanks to their mentor.