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Dear Dr. Marie-Madeleine Bernard and PACE 2000,

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to work with your program. During my cooperative education placement with PACE 2000, I learned many things. The experiences I have gained over the past semester will stay with me throughout my life.

PACE 2000 has taught me tile importance of including seniors in social activities. I quickly learned how much it can mean to seniors to know that they have a respected place in society and that their thoughts, ideas and knowledge are appreciated by people of all age groups.

The children and new immigrants to Canada that I worked with also benefited from their interaction with senior citizens. For the children, talking with senior Evelyn helped them to appreciate that friends can be of any age. and everyone around us has interesting things to share. It also helped them to become less shy. I'll never forget how one young boy finally got over his modesty after many weeks of sessions and showed his drawing to Evelyn with confidence just like every other child would do. That was a great accomplishment!

For new immigrants, speaking with the senior citizens showed them that they are welcome in Canada and any questions they had about Canada were talked about which helped to ease their worries about living in our country.

Working with PACE 2000 also helped me further develop my own skills. Speaking in front of groups became more and more natural. as I gained experience in organizing video conference sessions. I also learned a lot about the technology used in video conferencing, which was a new area for me. I am so grateful for all your training and guidance. Your encouragement made the difference, and I know that the skills I now have will help me in my future career. I am now certain that I want to work with people in some way as a professional.

I am so grateful for the experiences I have gained which could not have occurred without all your help and direction. Working with PACE 2000 has changed the way I think about interactions with senior citizens. I have a new strong appreciation for their many qualities, and the knowledge and experience they have to offer. Thank you for helping me
along the path to my future!


Co-op Student Sir Robert Borden H.S., Ottawa

Jan. 22, 2004


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