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Recent News...posted July 7, 2009

7 Juliet 2009


PACE 2000's work has been published by the Faculty of Physical Education and Health, University of Toronto. in the journal Activities, Adaptation & Aging. click to see a PDF document

Videoconference-Based Physiotherapy and Tele-Assessment for Homebound
Older Adults: A Pilot Study

Marie-Madeleine Bernard a; Frederic Janson a; Parminder K. Flora b; Guy E. J. Faulkner c; Liane Meunier-
Norman a; Mathias Fruhwirth;
a PACE 2000 International Foundation, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
b University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
c Faculty of Physical Education and Health, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This article was downloaded by: [Canadian Research Knowledge Network]
On: 16 March 2009
Access details: Access Details: [subscription number 783016864]
Publisher Routledge
IInforma Ltd Registered in England and Wales Registered Number: 1072954 Registered office: Mortimer House,
37-41 Mortimer Street, London W1T 3JH, UK

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PACE 2000 has beeen awarded a prize at the International Conference on New Technologies for Information and Communication held in Paris France on November 9 2006. The prize was awarded by the Fédération Internationale des Associations de Personnes Agées” (International Federation of Associations for Elderly People) FIAPA

Dr. Bernard accepted the award on behalf of PACE 2000. Dr. Bernard also made a presentation on PACE 2000 and its projects at the conference. Photos from the awards ceremony will posted soon.

March 6-7

Dr. M-M Bernard participated in the Colloque Canada France held on March 6-7 in Nice and March 8-9 in Paris France. Dr.M-M Bernard made presentations in both cities tilted "Longévité de la femme: défis et solutions innovantes" (click to view the powerpoint presentation) The presentations were well received.

The conference was organized by Brigitte Léger, the Science and Technologies attaché of the Canadian Emabassy in France in collaboration with the French Ministère de la Santé et des Solidarités.  The conference was titled "Initiative Femmes, Santé et Sciences".  The conference description read as follows:


Avec une stratégie ambitieuse sur la question de la santé des femmes en place depuis 1999, les politiques de santé des femmes du Canada font une promotion active des recherches les plus avancées et les plus novatrices.  Cette série d'ateliers et conférences vise à partager l'excellence scientifique du Canada dans le secteur de la santé des femmes tout en construisant des collaborations et des partenariats internationaaux.  Nos experts ont discuté des avancées scientifiques et des nouvelles approches du "Bien Vieillir"

The Riviera Times, a weekly journal in Nice, will will publish an article on the conference. The article, if of relevance to PACE 2000 will be posted here.

June 14, 2005 Dr Bernard is interviewed by Leigh Chapple on subject of PACE 2000's new Tele-mentoring program by the Ottawa TV News station CJOH. Dr.Bernard stressed the need to capitalize on the wealth of experience of seniors and the technical expertise of youth. A transcript of the interview will be posted here soon.
Ms. Sylvie Bigras of The Ontario Trillium Foundation congratulates PACE 2000 on the launch of PACE-2-Face PACE 2000 is pleased to announce the launch of its new program; PACE-2-Face™ Tele-mentoring.  This innovative program uses customized videoconferencing and web collaboration features designed for use by computer use novices including frail seniors or the handicapped.  Users maintain continous face-to-face visual and aural contact with their partners while exploiting the power of the PC and the World Wide Web for an enchanced learning experience. One of the key applications for PACE-2-Face is the learning of a second language with at Francophone senior as a mentor working with an Anglophone student for the learning of the French language.  Click here to see the Press Release on the launch of this exciting program.
PACE 2000's booth at the PC Cyber Party was very well received. Both seniors and students participatnts of PACE 2000's programs as well as the software development team assisted at the booth. The charity auctions generated over $2,500 dollars and PACE 2000 thanks PC Cyber Computers for their generaous support for of our programs promoting intergenerational progarms with the aid of HI-TECH. Pictures from the event will be posted here soon.

Come to the PC Cyber Party and support PACE 2000

PACE 2000 has been selected by the Ottawa based computer hardware and software retailer, PC Cyber Computer, as the recipient of proceeds from Charity Auction at their annual year end party to be held at Lansdown Park in Ottawa on November 6. Please vistit the PC Cyber website for details on the event.

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Multi-point Videoconference Montreal-France

Dr. Bernard's Montreal presentation with Ottawa based virtual audience.

PACE 2000 made three presentations at the from Ageing to Ageing Well conference held in Montreal Oct. 3-5, 2004.  The first presentation was delivered via multi-point videoconfernece to six sites. The sites were; in Canada The Canadian Society of Telehealth in Quebec City, in France under the organization of CATEL, and Novasight; Paris, Toulouse, Lyon, Vannes, and Amiens.

Dr. Bernard's 2nd presentation was entitled "Six Years of the Intergenerational Virtual Village" and it included a live Videoconference with participants of the PACE-2-Face Tele-Mentoring program feasibility study in Ottawa. The virtual participants responded to questions from the conference session attendees. read the abstract (in French) . Dr. Bernard has written a report on the conference, read the report here.

Lastly Liane Meunier presented the work she has done with the Videoconference Based Goniometer. All presentations were well received and stimulated interesting questions and discussions. read the abstract (in French)

   Sept. 23, 2004
PACE 2000 celebrated the completion of the Summer 2004 PACE-2-Face Tele-Mentoring Program Feasibility Study. The study paired Francophone seniors with Anglophone youth via the PACE-2-Face Videoconference application in a French conversation mentoring program. The 10 pairs of participants agreed to partake in 8 one hour sessions once per week. The participants completed entry questionnaires, session questionnaires and exit/final questionnaires. Preliminary results indicate that the tele-mentoring program was very well appreciated by the participants with few technical problems encountered.
from left to right: Michael Sherwood, and PACE 2000 board directors; Evelyn Shore and Jean Vautour sit before 34 newly knighted young men and warrior princesses.
On Sunday September 5, PACE 2000 seniors participated in the Young Canadian Leadership Challenge. The YCLC provides a weekend of  exercise and discovery learning for youth between 10 and 19 years old. To make the experience more engaging the weekend included role playing in a medieval theme based on the traditions, myths and legends of the Knights Templar and Amazon warriors. The seniors, Michael Sherwood, and PACE 2000 board directors; Evelyn Shore and Jean Vautour played the roles of Supreme Senior Council who interview the young leaders regarding the lessons learned throughout the weekend. The Supreme Senior Council then awarded the final puzzle piece of a map which lead the youth to a hidden treasure. On Monday September 6, the Ottawa Citizen printed an article regarding this event, read the article here.

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From right to left:
Pr.Vincent Rialle,
Dr Marie-Madeleine Bernard,
Pr. André Bonnin.

Selection by the
French National Institute of Longevity and Ageing
(l'Institut de Longévité et du Vieillissement)
of a joint PACE 2000/ HIS project

"It is my great pleasure to inform you of the selection of your proposal..."

..."Out of the 140 proposals received, the Scientific Committee selected 36 for funding under the 2004 budget. The Board of Directors further approved of this choice..."

Professeur Etienne Baulieu
Président de l'Institut de Longévité et du Vieillissement
Président de l'Académie des Sciences

Click here to read the full announcement (in French)

 Click to enlarge photo
click to enlarge photo
Pr Alain Franco
(Chef du Département De Médecine
Gériatrique et Communautaire, CHU de Grenoble) and
Dr Marie-Madeleine Bernard (President, PACE 2000)
On behalf of PACE 2000, Mathias Fruhwirth P.Eng. and Dr. Marie-Madeleine Bernard, presented a poster at the Onzième journée thématique de la Société Français de Gériatric et de Gérontologie "TECHNOLOGIE AU SERVICE DU SOIN GERONTOLOGIQUE" and the QUATORIZIEME JOUNEE DE L'INSTITUT UNIVERSITAIRE DE GERONTOLOGIE YVES MENIN" held at the Faculté de Médecin Pitié Salpétrière, Paris 13.

As well as the poster PACE 2000 conducted demonstrations of its patented Video-Conference Based Goniometer®, VCBG.

On behalf of PACE 2000, Mathias Fruhwirth P.Eng. and Dr. Marie-Madeleine Bernard presented a retrospective of the Foundation's work over six years at a conference held in Grenoble France at the Maison des Sciences de l'Homme- Alpes (MSH - Alpes) campus St Martin.

The presentation entitled "Village virtuel Inter-générations PACE 2000: 6 années d'une expérience humaine et technologique en télé-gérontologie au Canada" was attended by experts in the field of gerontology. The conference was organized by the Centre Pluridisciplinaire de gérontologie, CPDG, SHS-UPMF, The Mission Personnes Agées de la Ville de Grenoble et du Département de l'Isère, and the Laboragoire TIMC-IMAG, Techniques de l'Imagerie, de la Modélisation et de Cognition. UJF et CNRS.

posted April 17, 2004

click to enlarge photoOn April 17, PACE 2000 participated in the fourth annual United Way/Volunteer Ottawa Youth Day of Sharing. Eleven students from Hillcrest high school in Ottawa were trained as intergenerational coordinators in PACE 2000's Intergenerational Virtual Village. To view photos of the event click here.


Ms. Evelyn Shore a long-term Intergenerational Virtual Village participant and PACE 2000 board director has been nominated for the 11th Annual National Capital RegionYMCA-YWCA Women of Distinction Awards
Read her Statement of Nomination here

PACE 2000's Sir Robert Borden High School co-op student, Jill, writes about her impressions of working as an intergenerational coordinated. Read her letter here. Read letters from our intergnerational coodinators in the Intergenerational Forum


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