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Intergenerational Forum
This page contains comments by the participants, young and old, of the intergenerational activities sponsored by PACE 2000.

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Read comments written* by our young participants....
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July 5, 2004

Dear PACE 2000

I would like to thank you for the opportunities that you have given me. My volunteering for different sessions has been very enlightening. The sessions that I participated in with the children have made me realize that becoming a Developmental Services Worker is what I really want to do. The children and the seniors seemed to have so much fun during the sessions. I am also amazed at the bond that was created between Evelyn Shore, the children and myself. I believe that children learn from communicating with others. The interaction teaches them skills that they will be using in the future.

My favorite part of participating in the sessions would have to be, when the shy children finally stood up and spoke to the person on the other side of the camera. It took them a while, but to see them open up like that is what made my day. Seeing their faces light up when we made the connection always brought a smile to the faces of everyone involved. These sessions helped the children work on their self confidence also. After a while, they were brave enough to dance in front of the camera (imagine 5 year olds break dancing for you).

When it was time to say goodbye to the children, I knew I was going to miss them, but they promised to drop by for a session every once in a while. I was glad to see that they also created a bond with me as I had created one with them. When you walk into a room filled with children and all of them run to giving you hugs, you feel like you've made a difference somehow. Hopefully PACE 2000 continues to make this possible with others for years to come.

I would like to thank PACE 2000 for allowing me to participate in this program.


Adelle Thomas


Jan 22, 2004

Dear Dr. Marie-Madeleine Bernard and PACE 2000,

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to work with your program. During my cooperative education placement with PACE 2000, I learned many things. The experiences I have gained over the past semester will stay with me throughout my life. ... read the entire letter
...I am so grateful for the experiences I have gained which could not have occurred without all your help and direction. Working with PACE 2000 has changed the way I think about interactions with senior citizens. I have a new strong appreciation for their many qualities, and the knowledge and experience they have to offer. Thank you for helping me
along the path to my future!

Co-op Student Sir Robert Borden H.S., Ottawa

Dec 12, 2002
It was quite an experience working for PACE 2000*
, the program is incredible it helps both seniors and other participants as well. I know that it helped me develop and improve my skills, specially communication skills. As I went along in the program there was a change in me, the way I saw seniors before had changed. To my eyes they had become a very important part of society all of a sudden because PACE 2000 helped me see what I had not. The program motivates the seniors to become active, instead of them staying in their rooms we bring them to a videoconferencing session to meet new people, whether they are kids or they are newly arrived immigrants from all around the world.

Here is one example; when I started the program for the telepysiotherapy I and the instructor(Angela) had to pick up every single participant from their room. About a month later some seniors were coming earlier than expected and those who we helped out of their room actually came on their own. At this point it made me feel proud because I felt like I had made a difference, their progression was also another factor that made me very happy. When I see people progressing it tells me that I am part of this program and I am proud to be in it and it is making a difference.

I would like to thank ; Dr. Marie-Madeleine Bernard, Mathias Fruhwirth, The Seniors, Angela Garneau, Kids & Karen Philips, and everyone else in the program. THANK YOU PACE 2000!!!
Co-op Student
St. Patrick's High School


Oct 23, 2002

click to enlarge photoI am very happy with PACE 2000
. The program is very helpful for the Senior citizen. You may ask me what impressed me. Well, there always has been trust in me since I joined PACE 2000. I can feel the trust from co-workers, the elderly, kids and teachers. I have learned a lot about Canadian Culture and the way to communicate with the others in Canada from our Videoconferencing sessions. I have improved my communication skills in English a lot. Thank you for giving me such a friendly environment. I appreciate what you have done for me. I will miss you and my friends of PACE 2000 wherever I am.
(Paul is an engineer from China who served as an
Intergenerational Coordinator during the Summer and Fall 2002.)

Here are a collection of letters to the president of PACE 2000 from young staff and volunteers.
The letters were presented to Dr. Bernard during a farewell celebration held on July 29th. for departing summer students, Alexander Komisarenko of Ottawa and Juliette Leprince of Paris France.

My experience at PACE 2000...
Having come to Ottawa to study English, I was eager for a new experience. At that time, I found a website by chance which said volunteers were needed. Therefore, I contacted PACE 2000. Even though Dr Bernard and Liane described my role as a volunteer very carefully, it was difficult to understand the role clearly. I wondered whether I would be able to do it or not. My final decision however, was to try it.

Fortunately, everyone always encouraged me to implement my role very sincerely. I appreciate their constant support. I believe I'm lucky to have found out about PACE 2000. Since I joined some programs at PACE 2000, I have learned about Canada as well as have met nice friends. It seems to me that their continuous efforts are essential to seniors. Their passion often inspires me. I started volunteering not only to help people but also to enhance my understanding of Canada. Reflecting on my experiences at PACE 2000, I owe those I met there so much. I hope to have been helpful though I often feel I have gained more than I have given.

Saying "Thanks" to everyone, I wish for PACE 2000's endless development.

I want to thank you for the opportunities your company has given me in the last semester. Although I have to leave for family reasons, it was my pleasure working for the company. While working at the PACE 2000 Foundation I was provided technical training by Mathias Fruhwirth and it definitely was one of the most precious things 1 could have expected to gain in your company. I hope that my work has helped you in your projects. It has been a valuable experience for me and an excellent opportunity to acquire skills in intergenerational communications, software development and hardware installation. Your patience and wise advises have taught me lessons, which I would not get anywhere else and thank you for that! I really enjoyed working under your supervision in the team with other intergenerational coordinators. Hopefully PACE 2000 International Foundation will succeed in ail of the current projects and I wish you a good luck in the future plans.
Alexander Komisarenko (17 years)

J'aimerais prendre cette occasion pour vous féliciter de votre travail et inépuisable persévérance avec PACE 2000. Grâce à vous, cet été est pour moi rempli de sourires et bonnes expériences à jamais gravés dans mon coeur. Tellement de fois j'ai vu le regard des aînés tristes et dépourvu de vie s'illuminer et revivre grâce aux contacts des jeunes coordinateurs de PACE 2000. Quelle joie réciproque pour les coordinateurs. Votre altruisme et dévotion pour l'humanité sont une rare perle précieuse et c'est un honneur de travailler avec vous. Merci de m'aider à acquérir de nouvelles habiletés dans plusieurs domaines tels que la coordination humaine, gestion de projet de recherche, communication ainsi que des contacts professionnels. À la fin de ma journée de travail, j'ai toujours une grande satisfaction d'avoir accompli quelque chose de bien! Vous êtes la meilleure patronne que j'aie eu!
Un grand merci,
Liane Meunier (23 years)  


Words themselves cannot express what I have received working with PACE 2000 under your supervision. I have learnt that one needs perseverance, devotion and determination in order to accomplish something so important and worth while as the virtual village. I must say how wonderful and inspirational it is watching you accomplishing what you so believe in. I am only grateful that I have this short opportunity to work with such a great team and leader. So, thank you Dr. Bernard for everything. Thank you for taking the time in teaching and guiding me i the various steps one needs to go through in order to do- the data tabulation. I'm certain that this will be helpful in my future career and studies. I am also grateful in having the opportunity to have met so many wonderful people. Last, but not least thank you for being flexible and understanding in regards to my apartment mishap and my contract acceptance with the Perley Rideau Veteran's Center.

With gratitude

I just wanted to take this moment to thank you for accepting me as a co-op student which led to my employment with PACE 2000. I can not even begin to express all that I have learned with you. I have developed so many new skills. Before I was not organized now I am Mr. Neat Freak...well maybe not that close. I also gained some great people skills. So you have changed me as a person. I have also changed my mind on my future career to being like a social worker if the policed thing does not work out.
So thank you for the great experience.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for letting me be a co-op student. I enjoyed the activities that I've done with the children. I really enjoyed being with the kids at the pre-school they~made me learn many things, specially about being patient. I enjoyed connecting with the seniors at the Pearly Rideau via video-conferencing. I also enjoyed playing games with the kids and the seniors.

Being with Pace 2000 made me realize a whole new world out there, being with kids, seniors, and newly landed immigrants. Being around them, and sharing their stories with me made me really realize that life can be very hard. There are many obstacles in the way, but one has to overcome there obstacles.

Once again I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with PACE 2000.


Forum of the Intercultural & Exercise Video Conference Sessions:

Comments from Seniors
Summer 2001

The exercise class is excellent. I have nothing to add as to how to improve it.
As to the intercultural sessions, it is surprising to see on the screen how happy and free the immigrants are to be in Canada. Knowing we can do that for people is great.
Audrey McVeigh (75 yrs old)

In relations to the intercultural sessions I agree with Audrey.
The exercise class is great. I enjoy the contact with the veterans and the volunteers.
Evelyn Shore (71 yrs old)

I thought it was very demanding at first, but very effective. I look forward to the next session. I would like to join a second strength class session-- perhaps on Friday.
I rely on the V.C. to know what is going on in other centres.
Wilfred Charbonneau (69 yrs old)

I look forward to it. The exercises are very good for me. It is a good program: I can feel my muscles after the sessions.
May Proulx (70yrs old)

I like connecting with the children.
It keeps me alert. I also like the fact that I don't have to leave the Perley in order to meet different people. I enjoy meeting people from all over the world.
In regards of the connection with immigrants, I think you learn something from connecting with so many people. I like to keep my brain working so I don't forget anything. This keeps me alert. I like to go out and do and see things.
Corrine Sheen (88 yrs old) Perley Rideau Veteran's Health Centre

I haven't seen kids in a long time. I think I was a little afraid of them. You forget how enjoyable they are.
Charles Bicknell (87yrs old) Perley Rideau Veteran's Health Centre

I loved it very much. I like the attention and to hear the songs the children sing. I love the children. I'd give it 11 out of 10!
Leo Lanouette (77 yrs old) Perley Rideau Veteran's Health Centre


I gives me a feeling of pride. As stupid as I am, I can still serve a purpose in life when I speak with the children.
Ken Tyrrell (79 yrs old) Perley Rideau Veteran's Health Centre

We love to learn English with the seniors.
Immigrant children at Catholic Immigration Centre

J'ai bien aimé ça
. Ça me fait sentir bien et appréciée des immigrés.
Ida Marcil (73 ans) Centre d'accueil Champlain

J'ai bien aimé Charles. Il était très gentil et poli avec nous, les aînés. Je ne pouvais pas lui dire non quand il venait me chercher. J'ai eu 6 garçons comme lui…La connection par v.c. nous rappelle bien des choses du passé. On nous demande toujours des questions sur nôtres passé. C'est encourageant. Je suis contente après une séance de v.c. J'ai eu des beau certificats et je vais les encadrer et accrocher dans ma chambre. Ça montre que j'ai fait quelque chose et que je n'ai pas été assise dans ma chambre à rien faire.
Noella Breton (83 ans) Centre d'accueil Champlain


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