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Dec. 12, 2000

Two media articles featuring a PACE 2000 Videoconference program have been produced. The first was a TV news article on the ongoing physio-therapy Videoconference sessions between the residence of Ms. E. Shore and the Perley and Rideau Veterans' Centre. The second was a newspaper article featuring the same session.


Oct. 5, 2000 Since August the Inter-PACE 2000 network has been active featuring inter-cultural encounter, interactive games and physio-therapy sessions between residents of the Perley and Rideau Veterans' Health Center, the Catholic Immigration Center. Also participating are residence of a seniors apartment block on Wakley Rd. Ottawa. The PACE 2000 intergenerational activities coordinator, Cindy Thibodeau, has written a report, (in French) on these activities

A scene from a physio-therapy session via video conference at the Perley and Rideau Veterans' Centre

Sept 6-7, 2000 On Sept. 6-7, PACE 2000 delivered a presentation to the Ontario Ministry of Health's Telemedicine Think Tank in Toronto, Ontario Canada. PACE 2000 was acknowledged by the Ministry as one of the best five Telemedicine projects. For more information on the Think Tank contact: Mr. Kevin Riley,
Aug 31 2000

On Aug. 31, PACE 2000 submitted its proposal to the Canada Health Infostructure Partnerships Program (CHIPP) for a project entitled Tele-home care and Intergenerational Support for People with Diabetes. The project includes over 13 local and national partners. Response from the Office of Health and the Information Highway.

June 11

On June 1, PACE 2000 delivered a presentation to the 17th Annual McMaster Summer Institute on Gerontology.

from the conference abstract....


 Telehealth and Well-being Programs for Seniors
Emerging telecommunications technologies can help break down some of the barriers that prevent seniors and students from communicating on a regular basis. These technologies are also a means to help seniors remain longer in their homes, to monitor patients who are discharged form hospital earlier and perhaps to shorten the overall hospital stay.
Marie-Madeleine Bernard M.D., President PACE 2000 International Foundation, Ottawa, Mathias Fruhwirth P.Eng., board director PACE 2000 International Foundation, Ottawa
delivered at the McMaster Centre for Gerontological Studies McMaster University Hamilton, Ontario

The presentation featured the recreational and Tele-health programs of the Inter-PACE 2000 Videoconferencing Network. A live Videoconference between the conference attendees and Ms. E. Shore, an Ottawa based senior was also held.


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