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PACE 2000 will present a paper titled Customized Tele-Health Video Conference System for Home-bound Seniors: Four Years of Retrospective at the upcoming E-Health 2002 Conference to be held in Vancouver April 21-23. The paper will be presented at 10:00 a.m. on April 23 in the Emerging Trends in Care Delivery and Technologies track.

PACE 2000 is cited for its Telehealth initiatives in the Canadian Society of Telehealth, CST, report to the Roy Romanow Commission on Health Care. Read the text of the CST report.

PACE 2000's inter-cultural Videoconference session between Ottawa's Catholic Immigration Centre and Seniors in their private residence was featured in both the CJOH and New-RO television news casts on December 17, 2001. Bell Canada was acknowledged on the air as the sponsor providing the special digital phone lines making the sessions possible.
Algonquin College student Stephanie Rouleau is conducting a Geographic Information Systems, GIS, analysis of the Ottawa area with the aim of identifying the optimal locations for the implementation of electronically mediated intergenerational programs.

click to read articleVolunteer George Lamb's article on Perley-Immigrants VC session published in the Ottawa Citizen newspaper Monday Oct. 22 2001.


PACE 2000 presented two papers at the Canadian Society of Telehealth conference in Toronto, Oct 21-23, 2001. The papers were very well received.


On Tuesday October 23 Mathias Fruhwirth presented the paper titled CUSTOMIZED TELE-HEALTH VIDEO CONFERENCING SYSTEMS FOR USE BY HOME BOUND SENIORS: Instrumentation and Reliability.

Read the paper abstracts here.

Seniors meet "Virtual Play School" toddlers face to face. Click here for pictures


Check out the new Intergenerational Forum, featuring comments and opinions of the young and senior participants of our inter-generational Videoconference sessions. The forum currently features unsolicited letters of appreciation by PACE 2000 young intergenerational activities coordinators.

July 26 2001
, The Ottawa Citizen, the French language Ottawa based newspaper Le Droit , CJOH TV and CBO (CBC Radio One Ottawa) covered PACE 2000's current inter-generational "Virtual Village" activities. Highlighted was the (pre-schooler and seniors) video-conference session. The Ottawa Citizen (Click here to read the article) and Le Droit (Click here to read the article) interviewed participants of the weekly inter-generational video-conference session held between the Perley &Rideau Veterans' Center and children from the River-Parkway Pre-school Centre. Check here soon for more coverage information.

Read the transcript of the radio show.June 13, 2001, PACE 2000 in partnership with the Rideau High School and the Communications Research Centre, CRC conducted an intergenerational video conference, VC, session between local seniors and students. The session made use of the Learn Canada Broadband Network and its facilities. Click on the picture to view it full size.

The seniors were hosted by the CRC and were gathered in the Learn Canada Virtual Classroom at the CRC. The active seniors have had experience with working with youth via VC, including regular sessions in the PACE 2000 virtual village. The students, and their teachers were located in the video conference studio at the Rideau High School.

The VC session, which had for its theme "Information on Job Opportunities", was for some of the students their initiation into intergenerational interaction via videoconferencing. Both the students and seniors expressed their desire to continue with future programs. The session was also attended by PACE 2000's intergenerational coordinators.


May 29-30. 2001, PACE 2000's co-op students, Charles (Rideau HS) and Alex (Nepean HS) presented posters describing their work term activities at the Employer Appreciation Receptions held at each of two Ottawa high schools. (view Rideau High School) Charles has been working as an intergenerational co-ordinator at the Centre d'Accueil Champlain. Alex also works a an intergenerational co-ordinator while his main duties include technical support of the Videoconference network. Both students have earned the gratitude of PACE 2000 for their industry and pleasant comportment.
http:#May 11. 2001, the French language Ottawa based newspaper Le Droit and Rogers Cable Community TV cover an inter-cultural video-conference session. The Le Droit interviewed participants of the twice weekly inter-cultural video-conference session held between the Centre d'Accueil Champlain, CAC in Vanier and the Catholic Immigration Centre, CIC on Botler Str. Seniors at the CAC shared conversation and songs with two families recently arrived from the Congo. Please check here soon for a link to the text of the Le Droit article published on Friday May 12. Photos from the Rogers film shoot will be posted ASAP.
March 3. 2001, Dr. Bernard, PACE 2000's president, attended a board meeting of United Generations Ontario, UGO. See information on this province and nation wide organization at the UGO web site.

a photo of some of the members of the UGO Board of Directors.

Click to see the photo full Size.


February 2001 GET CONNECTED!
PACE 2000 is growing. Two of the programs offered by PACE 2000 are being expanded and now is the time to get involved.

Feb 15. 2001, PACE 2000 becomes a member of the Canadian Society of Telehealth

On Feb. 15 PACE 2000 received the following message from Dr. Mamoru Watanabe, past president of the Canadian Society of Telehealth., welcoming it as a new member.

"On behalf of Robert Filler, President and Angela Nickoloff, Chair of the Membership Committee of CST, welcome to the Canadian Society of Telehealth. We're very pleased to have you as a member of our Society and we look forward to your active participation in the affairs of our Society".

Feb 9. 2001 PACE 2000's offer to purchase land

PACE 2000 submitted an offer to purchase land on 363 Smyth Rd. from Canada Lands Company for the construction of the PACE 2000 Intergenerational Residential Village. Bidding deadline was Feb. 9, 2001. Subsequently PACE 2000 was informed the the sale was suspended due to the lack of offers meeting the restrictions specified in the offer for purchase contract. Canada Lands Company Ltd. will consult with the City of Ottawa to decide on the disposition of the property.

Jan 31 to Feb 1. 2001 Emerging Technologies 2001, Conference

Dr. Bernard and Mathias Fruhwirth made the trip to Sudbury Ontario and attended the Emerging Technologies 2001, Conference, sponsored by Contact North and the Ontario Ministry of Energy, Science & Technology. PACE 2000 put its table top display booth, featuring PACE 2000's programs, up during the Telehealth session courtesy of Dr. Robbie Campbell of Virtual Professionals Inc. and the conference organizers. The conference proceedings will be made available on the Internet and a link will be posted here when it is published. View pictures from the conference.



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